How to Plan Out Wedding Invitations

If there is a thing wherein you could showcase your taste and style during the wedding planning stage, it is the wedding invitation. If you want to give your guests a glimpse of what’s going to happen in your wedding, you can tease them by fashionably customizing the invitations. Basically, invitations contain important details of the big day, such as date, time, location, theme, style of marriage and so on.

wedding 1Before your guests could RSVP, here are the carefully selected 6 tips on how to choose your wedding invitations from http://www.top10weddingvendors.com:

(1) The first tip is not to forget that you are also dealing with RSVP cards, save the date notes, thank you notes, envelopes, program outlines, menus and so on. According to experts, dealing with these things one-time is a perfect opportunity to save time and effort. At the end of the day, you did not only finish wedding invitations but other aspects of your wedding that require paper printing.

(2) When ordering wedding invitations in bulk, please be aware of your timeline. Usually, the ordering of the material will transpire within two to three weeks. The save the date card should be sent out to your guests four to six weeks before the wedding date. If you will be inviting a family unit composed of more than five, please make sure that you indicate names correctly so no one will be missed.

(3) The next trick is to divide the guest list into two. The first list will contain priority guests. It means that you really love them to be in your wedding event. The second list will contain people whom you regard as “it’s nice to invite them.” If there are a number of people that declined on the first list, you can make use of the second list to compensate the desired number of guests to attend the event.

(4) You know well that invitations will not be complete without unique design and style. According to wedding experts, invitations that will most likely get “yes” as a confirmation are the ones with texture. If you want well textured invitations, you can always make use of engraving style. Other materials that can provide texture are metal, wood, and so on. You can also have your invitation embossed and letterpressed for a desirable outcome.

(5) When sending out invitations, it is natural to see stamps attached in them. Since it is your wedding, make sure the the stamps utilized are also in-line with the theme. For more romantic stamps inspiration, you can always check the site of Zazzle.

(6) Before it slips your mind, always bring your invitation cards during photo sessions, so that they will be included on photographs. The last thing you need to worry about is forgetting to take photos of your beautiful invitation cards.

Your big day is approaching quickly, so you need to prepare by sending out invitations. If you have no prior experience in making invitations, you can always follow the 6 tips on how to choose your wedding invitations mentioned above.